iGreen accounting software

The first product by our team is iGreen accounting software. We designed it after 3 years research and comparing the most accounting software in the market of United Arab Emirates as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah , and Al Ain. This financial software includes the best user-friendly module as AC, AP, sales profit report, easy invoicing,… Continue reading iGreen accounting software

Tyre Marketing

Tyre markets cover from small size to give size as airplane tyre. But commonly tyre market means tyres for passenger cars to wheel loaders. Marketing to communicate with its potential customers in GCC countries, and United Arab Emirates like Dubai should be on brands, size, type of tyre pattern and type of weather.

Marketing for interior decorating products

There are many big interior design company in United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They offer design services and installation. Usually free in-home consultation is the first and favorite service by these companies. Designer will send to customer’s home for misurement and show catalogs and sample to help home owner select the best… Continue reading Marketing for interior decorating products

October 2021

These days are happy times for us to established an IT company in United Arab Emirates. A country with a power full business hub and strong trade center. We have access to rest of the world now. with lot of thanks to government of Dubai and it economic department.